321 Ridgevale Road

"Finn's Inn"

Abbreviated Narrative:

The existing property is developed with a 3-bedroom dwelling, retaining walls, cleared parking area, and presumed 1978 title 5 septic system.  The dwelling was constructed at the top of a hill.

The proposal is to redevelop the property.  The dwelling will be razed and a new dwelling will be constructed.  The new dwelling has been sited with minimal intrusion into the conservation buffer and compliant with the zoning setback requirements.

A new septic system will be installed.  It has been designed to allow for a fairly easy connection to the municipal sewer, should one ever make it down Ridgevale Road.


Questions?  Feel free to e-mail Thadd Eldredge at thadd@ese-llc.com or call 508-945-3965.

Please click the links below to review the various documents.

Conservation Site Plan 2015-0708

Conservation Site Plan 2015-0623

Conservation Site Plan 2015-0502

Complete Conservation Commission Filing

Zoning Board of Appeals Site Plans

 Zoning Board of Appeals Post Development Plan

Zoning Board of Appeals Post Development Plan