The property owner desires more outdoor living space at 32 Harbor View Road.  Dan K. Gordon, Landscape Architect designed the space.  This proposal requires Conservation Commission approval.

Narrative and Alternatives Analysis:


The subject property is atop a Coastal Bank. The redevelopment of the property was permitted under SE 10-2211, CWP06-024N on July 3, 2006.  The redevelopment maintained the substantial development outside of the 50’ No-Disturb Zone.

After using the property for several years, the owner has realized that he would enjoy a greater pool area.  As most of the pool is outside of jurisdiction, it allows for the bulk of the expansion outside of jurisdiction.

The proposal includes:

·         Preparation of the lawn for vehicular passage.

o   This temporary activity is within the 0-50’ No Disturb Zone over existing lawn.

o   After the work has been completed, the lawn will be restored to its current state.

·         Installation of an at grade deck (wooden patio).

o   This will require removal of the lawn and some soils.

o   The substructure will be constructed from cedar, heavy solid wood, or approved pressure treated lumber.

o   The substructure will be backfilled with free draining material.

o   The decking will be constructed from natural wood material.

·         Installation of a sunken seating area with gas firepit.

o   This will require the removal of the lawn and some soils.

o   As with the at grade deck, the materials will be environmentally benign.

·         Removal of some lawn and the installation of a peastone game area.

·         Relocation of the pool fence to be in line with the existing dwelling.

The specific work protocol includes:

·         The installation of a siltation barrier / limit of work.  As the grade is shallow, a minimal fence is needed.

·         The plan indicates specific stockpile areas located outside of the 50’ No Disturb Zone.

o   Pile(s) of loose soil shall be contained with silt fencing.

·         The access drive shall be matted with grass mats for stability and protection.

The mitigation protocol includes:

·         Either the treatment of the lawn or the removal of the lawn.

·         Stabilization of any exposed soils with straw or biodegradable matting.

·         Planting of the plants specified on the plan.