151 Sky Way

Completed project: Stairs to the water.

Bilek Builders (http://www.bilekbuilders.com/) did a fantastic job of completing the project in time for the rental season.




2017 Conservation Filing

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The applicants proposed and implemented the construction of the wall, deck changes and planting plan in February, 2016.  At the time it was noted that the access to the water was constructed without the benefit of permits by the former owner and was located over the property line.  The applicants attempted to work with the abutting property owner to acquire an easement or parcel of land to enable the applicants to have legal access to the water, but those efforts failed.


During negotiations for the sale of the abutting property, the somebody other than the applicant removed the access to the water.  The old timbers were stacked on the applicants’ property.


The applicants want to maintain access to the water.  The loss of the stairs obviously requires preparing another route over the property and thus we are submitting this Notice of Intent and Variance Request.


The proposal is to use the current path to a point where it makes the most sense to construct a set of raised stairs to a relatively open area at the shoreline.  The proposal does require the cutting of a fairly large branch, but otherwise it is relatively non-invasive.


The applicants have proposed a 2:1 mitigation based on the guidelines and the fact that the Commission has not accepted mitigation banking.  The mitigation fills in the portion of the path to be abandoned with native species compatible with the plans prepared by Joyce Williams with the previous filing.  A portion of the mitigation has been proposed under the stairs to augment the existing vegetation with the goal to transition the area to a more shade tolerant plant community. The remainder of the mitigation covers old tree stumps.


With that being offered, the applicant would also request some form of banking or credit.  Had the applicants known that the easement over the stairs would not have been possible, they would have proposed these stairs with the previous filing where the voluntary mitigation would have counted as actual mitigation.  The applicant desires the access be restored before June which provides little time to negotiate.


The loose timbers and those within the path to be abandoned shall be removed and disposed of properly.





2016 Conservation Filing

Conservation filing for the replacement of wooden walls with stone, construction of a deg enclosure, modifications to the structural supports of the deck, relocation of the existing path, trimming of branches for vista pruning, planting of natives for mitigation and restoration.