3D Printing Page

The goal of this page is to share our knowledge of 3D Printing.  When it works well, it is wonderful...  the rest of the time it is a learning experience.

So we have slacked about posting much.  Life gets in the way.

If you have stumbled here, then you get this pearl.  We each bought Tikos.  Bummer that the printer was not successful.  Well, M3D stepped in with the $150 off the little cube if you backed Tiko.  I took advantage of it where Jared was happy with his Xmachines (I broke something in mine, but it will be back up soon enough.)

Well, I really like the filament I get from FolgerTech.  It's decent enough, cheap enough and ships fast enough.  My first project with the M3D was to print out an external filament guide.  I made it in yellow and it did ok until I found the solution below.

My second print was an external spool mount so I could fit 1 kg outside.  It came from thingiverse and had several parts to print.  Below is the first arm...


Unfortunately, I was having trouble getting the spool to feed into the little printer and after hunting through the basement I found an old lazy susan.  I professionally mounted the lazy susan onto a box full of children's puzzles.  I later relocated it to the top of the box that the M3D was shipped in.

The spool mount arm I printed came out great, but is a little small for the massive 1 kg spools... At least I only printed out one arm and found a great solution.  The spool simply rests on the lazy susan.  I have the setup above the printer for easy feeling and I am thinking of mounting one on top of the FT-5 to see if it is better than the custom solution created by Jacob Weekes last summer.  I guess photos of Jacob's excellent spool holder should follow.

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Jared Eldredge - X-Machines Lorei Dual Head, Tiko (DOA)

Thadd Eldredge - X-Machines Lorei Dual Head, FolgerTech FT-5 Single Head, Tiko (DOA), M3D