The Federal Emergency Management Agency National Flood Insurance Program

The most common service clients need is advice.  Most people know very little about flood insurance and the National Flood Insurance Program until they receive a courteous letter from their lending institution letting them know they need some flood insurance.  The bank is required to ensure that any property in the floodplain with a loan has flood insurance.  If you are forced into it, there are a few things you can do to reduce the premiums.

Raise the house, add venting to the basement to allow it to flood during a storm, move the mechanical equipment to an elevation above the base flood elevation or regrade the property.  The rates vary by a number of variables and we will provide you with a few realistic conceptual Elevation Certificates so you can review the rates with your insurance agent.  FEMA NFIP offers the following graphic for an idea of how changing your property will reduce your premium.  Please note that this is one specific example and rates will vary.

Descriptions of the various services we provide:

Elevation Certificate - A document that provides the requisite information for the determination of flood insurance rates.  The Certificate is often required in conjunction with building permits and final certifications.  FEMA Elevation Certificate Brochure

LOMC - Letter of Map Change - A general term for a LOMA or LOMR.

LOMA - Letter of Map Amendment - A document filed with FEMA to compel the National Flood Insurance Program to amend a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) due to inaccuracies within the mapping process.  If a structure or parcel was erroneously mapped within the flood plain, then FEMA can issue a LOMA that corrects the FIRM.

LOMR - Letter of Map Revision - A document filed with FEMA to compel the National Flood Insurance Program to revise a Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) due to changes in the area since the mapping.

  • CLOMR-F - Conditional Letter of Map Revision based on Fill - This is used when one plans to fill in a portion of a flood plain.  This can be completed to ensure that the efforts one proposes will in fact remove a structure or parcel from the flood plain.  It can also be required prior to the issuance of certain permits.
  • LOMR-F - Letter of Map Revision based on Fill - To complete the CLOMR-F process, a LOMR-F is filed.  This verifies that the building or parcel are out of the flood plain and the records are amended to reflect this status.
  • LOMR - Letter of Map Revision - This is used to modify the FIRMs when nature changes land forms and water bodies that results in a change to the flood plain.

Biggert-Waters Information 2012

FEMA Coastal Guidelines Update 2007 (obsolete)

Just a map created in 2013 to help visualize the flood zones that were adopted in 2014.  Please note that this does not reflect Letters of Map Change (LOMCs).