GHD Surfaces

The Carlson Part:

  • Create the Carlson Surface and save the TIN file.  Edit the surface until you are happy.
  • Merge the surface with the grid surface.
  • Check that the surfaces match well.  Trim out the points from the aerial until the contours look good.
  • Export the 4 surfaces NE, NW, SE, SW to LandXML.

The Civil3d Part:

    • From within Civil3d with Carlson you may have to input PROSPECTOR twice.
    • You want the Full Import on.  The quick import will only bring in the points, the full import will preserve your TIN lines.
    • Create snapshot after import- Off
    • Create Source Data in Drawing - Off - This will import the breaklines, boundaries and other construction features.  It takes forever if left on.
  • In the PROSPECTOR, you can right click on a surface and change the surface stuff.  Here are the settings:
    • Psyche - need to add it!