Add a GeoJSON polygon


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Populating the pages.

  1. Open the blog for editing. (TOC-PARCELS-2)
  2. Choose a road.
  3. Open the TOC webmap.
  4. Find the Road Name
  5. Click on the first parcel, click on the Print button, Click on Download, save it to a temporary folder on your desktop as ## street.pdf.
  6. Click on the next parcel and do the same.
  7. Once you have downloaded the entire road, open each and save as JPG.
  8. Back into the BLOG, click on the entry ("in order") and click edit.
  9. Click on a teardrop, Image, drap and drop the right JPG.
  10. Click on Design, choose Stretch and Enable Lightbox.
  11. Apply
  12. Copy the street address
  13. Click on Location Tab
  14. In Address click and paste - make sure the address looks right.
  15. Save.  Go to the next one.
  16. When you finish the street - write down the street name - or the address if you do not complete the street.





This part is done.

Web page creation - nothing like creating 8200 blogs

1. Open the blog
2. Open the Full List
3. Copy the Property Address
4. Click on +
5. Paste the Post Name
6. Click Options
7. In the Full List, Copy the Webname
8. In the Post URL, paste the Webname
9. Save & Publish


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