ESE-LLC is seeking an energetic, self-motivated individual with strong basic math skills and computer skills to fill a variable role within the company.

ESE-LLC is a multidisciplinary firm with a strong foundation in Land Surveying.  We have always strived to enable our employees to learn as many aspects of the business as they are capable and therefore a position can be tailored to a candidate’s abilities.

Math Skills:  A working knowledge of trigonometry and geometry is necessary in this profession.  Higher level mathematics can be very useful.

Computer Skills:  ESE-LLC uses Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows CE along with minor computer components using other operating systems.  Computers are an essential portion of the profession.

ESE-LLC expects an applicant to be willing and able to learn several of the following Computer Programs, Hardware/Software Solutions and Theory:

Computer Programs:

·        Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D and Map

·        Carlson Survey, Civil, GIS, Hydrology, Point Cloud

·        Bentley Microstation Powersurvey and Certainty3D TopoDOT

·        ArcGIS, QGIS and Global Mapper

·        FARO Scene

·        LiDARUSA Point Cloud Adjustment and Creation Tools

·        Quick Terrain Reader & Modeler

·        And an ever increasing list of supplemental programs and routines.

Hardware/Software Solutions:

·        LiDARUSA Snoopy

o   Novatel STIM 300 GPS/IMU with Novatel Connect

o   Velodyne HD32e laser scanner

o   FARO x330 laser scanner with helical mount

o   Point Grey Ladybug 5 360 camera

·        FARO x330 laser scanner without helical mount

·        CHC x91+ GNSS (GPS) pair, static and RTK with Carlson SurvCE

·        Topcon HiperXT GNSS (GPS) pair, static and RTK with TopSurv

·        Topcon Robotic Total Station with TDS

·        Topcon Construction Grade Total Station with TDS


·        Boundary Law and Analysis

·        Terrestrial Measurement Acquisition and Adjustment

·        GNSS (GPS) Acquisition and Adjustment

·        Wetlands Protection and Delineation

·        LiDAR Acquisition, Adjustment and Extraction


Interested?  Please send your resume and cover letter to