A portion of the Atwood House was scanned in February of 2017.  Unfortunately, the resulting point clouds are far too large to post on this website.


Navigate to the folder LiDAR-Share

Username: Arch

Password: Arch

We can provide some support, but our expertise is in the creation of the clouds and the use in certain software packages.  It is recommended that you run through some help files for your software product.


There is a bunch of stuff in this folder.  You will only need some of the files available and you may need to convert the files to work with your specific software.

JPG - the JPG images are panoramic images that are a byproduct of the scanning process.  They help to visualize the objects in the rooms from the perspective of the scanner.

e57 - There is one e57 file.  This is a point cloud that can be read by certain software like ArchiCAD.

pts - The pts files are point clouds.  The cloud was decimated into separate files, one for each scan position.  They are each in the correct positions and if imported correctly, they will fit together like a puzzle.

laz - The pts files were converted to LAZ or zipped LAS files.  These are the preferred method, but not readable by all software products.

pointzip.exe - Some software products cannot handle the LAZ but can import the LAS files.  This software will convert LAZ to LAS or LAS to LAZ.


Viewing software:

Quick Terrain Reader - This one is great for terrains.