The drone has expanded our surveying and mapping capabilities to offer several products for homeowners, realtors, surveyors, engineers, designers and others.  The products we can offer include the following:

Orthomosaic - The orthomosaic is a digital image of the project site with pixels between 1" and 3".  Keep in mind that the best aerial mapping product provided by the USGS has been 3" pixel size.  Ground control points are set and used to coordinate the orthomosaic to geographic coordinate systems.  The standard deliverable includes:

  • Orthomosaic TIF with TFW file.  This includes a georeferenced image with embedded georeferencing information along with the world file for programs that require the TFW.  The TIF image can be opened in any standard viewer.
  • Google Earth KMZ file.  This includes the georeferenced image in a format that can be added to a Google Earth session.
  • Raw photographs.  The drone imagery is included without minimizing the quality.  Most of the images are near orthometric (straight down) and some of the images include obliques.
  • Fee schedule
    • For an area of less than 40 acres, $1,000.  For areas greater than 40 acres, please contact ESE.
    • For an area already flown, the data is provided for $500.
    • Without written permission, the provided imagery is for a single user and shall not be copied, transferred or otherwise used in a manner inconsistent with ESE's terms and policies.

Point Cloud - Through photogrammetric methods, the 3-d data is extracted for the subject area.  Generally the horizontal accuracy is 0.1' and the vertical accuracy is 0.5'.  Please contact ESE for the fees associated with Point Cloud generation as there are multiple options including classification, surface modeling, feature extraction, format and so on.

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