As of January 1, 2018, J. Thaddeus Eldredge, PLS has started East-SouthEast, LLC. 

Terry W. Eldredge is easing into retirement.  Until he is ready to completely retire, he will continue as the principal of Eldredge Surveying & Engineering, LLC and as an employee of East-SouthEast, LLC.  Terry has the opportunity to take on projects as he desires while being able to enjoy some well-deserved vacations.

East-SouthEast, LLC will provide the same services as Eldredge Surveying & Engineering, LLC with an intended focus on remote sensing, geographic information systems and photogrammetry.


Why the new company? 

Candidly, we are looking to promote a direction.  For quite some time, we have been a small firm doing big things. 

In 2014, Terry and Thadd Eldredge made a substantial commitment with the acquisition of the first Mobile Mapper in New England.  This has enabled the acquisition of large route surveys for the Chatham Sewer Project and many route surveys around New England.

Christian San Martin has joined our staff and has brought his expertise in the acquisition of wind data for wind energy design.  These studies involve the deployment, monitoring and maintenance of the equipment used to measure the wind at varying elevations.  These studies are largely international continuing this theme of a small company doing big things.


More information will be added.