Open the 00.REV00.DWG

Save As

Insert the new drawing (grid)

Explode & Clean .  Remove the excess grid lines and put the buildings on the S-BOUNDARY layer.  Freeze the S-BOUNDARY layer.  Eliminate the rectangle around the whole grid.

Insert the CONTOURS.DWG and explode.

TRI (Triangulate and Contour) with the settings below.  The idea is to create TINs from this process, not contours yet.  Make 4 surfaces not ignoring the 0 using the 4 parts of the grid as Inclusion Boundaries and no Exclusion Boundaries.  Be sure that you unselect the gridlines as they will screw up the TIN.

The surface names for tile 30 are





Erase the Aerial Contours (Or freeze them if you are nervous you messed up one of the TINs)

Thaw the other layers.

TINUTIL - Triangulation File Utilities

- Open

- Load Tin, select one

- Pick Bounding Polylines

- Enter past inclusion

- Select the buildings for Exclusion and Enter

- Next >>


- Save As TIN

- Overwrite the REV000 file.

- Exit the TFU and reopen it, go to the top and start over with the next one.

CTRTIN - Contour from TIN File with the following settings


- One at a time


You may want to edit the surface.