Global Mapper Lesson 2 - Merging Clouds

This is easy enough.

1. Drag and drop clouds into Global Mapper.

2. Select Correct Projection, Units, Etc.

3. In the Control Center, Highlight the Clouds you want to Merge.

4. Export.



1. Navigate to //georef/faro/1

2. Drag and drop FARO1_001.laz, ... , FARO1_nnn.laz.

3. Select SPCS, MA Mainland, NAD83, US FT., Vertical Units: Feet.

4. Wait.

5. Highlight the clouds form 2 in the Control Center.

6. Right click, Export.

7. Put it back in the same folder as FARO1.

8. Go to the next FARO/n folder.