Group Photos


Using survey equipment and a drone, we can line up your group into any shape then take photographs from above. We ask for you to obtain permission for the location and we can work with you to create any shape. We use a temporary spray paint or lumber crayon (paved surfaces only) at each point and will provide a point for each member of your group. The dates require flexibility as the equipment is all weather sensitive.

We see the following possibilities:

  • Schools - Great for yearbooks and a memorable way to get everyone into one picture.

  • Graduations - A filled logo with graduates in color coordinated caps and gowns would be impressive.

  • Weddings - We can create flower, hearts, doves and other outlines for the wedding attendants to be included.

  • Conventions - Such a great way to bring all the participants into one picture that includes a logo or symbol.

Small print:

  • We need permission to spray the ground and use the area. Fields or parking lots will work best.

  • We need permission to fly the drone. Some areas are fully restricted and cannot be made available.

  • Weather is an important factor. Rain dates are important.

  • Timing is everything. We will want to work with you on the layout in advance and we will want your verification. We will send a Google Earth file with every point on the face of the Earth for your final verification. We will need a day or two before the event to spray.

  • Spray paint can be multi colored. If you have a color coordinated image, we can paint the dots accordingly.

  • Want to bring in your own drone photographer? No problem. We can prepare the layout and provide guidance on placing people.

Fees. Setting up the template will be hourly at $125 an hour with a 2 hour minimum expected. Laying out the template will be about 1 hour per 80 points at $250 per hour. Photography will be be hourly at $250 per hour with a 1 hour minimum expected. Travel time will be additional at $90 per hour per employee. All photographs will be uploaded to a webpage with downloads of every image for $125. It can be password protected.
The shark image included 240 points which would result in a fee of $1,500 or $6.25 per participant.