How to use the FTP server...

1. The simple method is to login using your browser.

  • Add the following address to the browser (or click on it):
  • Enter your Username and Password (Check your e-mail.)
  • The files and folders available are available for navigation and download.

2.  The more complex method is to download a program to enable uploads as well as downloads.

  • There are several to choose from.  CoffeeCup can be downloaded here. 
  • Download the Free Version and install it.
  • Run the program.
  • Click on the first button for Servers.
  • Click on the + for a new Server.  Fill out the following:
  • Nickname: ESE (or whatever you want)
  • Server:
  • Username and Password: Enter those provided (Check your e-mail.)
  • Then click Connect
  • Allow it through Firewall if that pops up.
  • Your computer is on the left, the files we have available for you are on the right.
  • Navigate to where you want files placed on the left, drag and drop or double click on the right.
  • Or vice versa, double click or drag and drop files from the left to the right to upload files.

Our internet speeds are great in the winter and horrid in the summer.  If you have a large file or large group of files to upload or download, queue them for after hours or from a machine that would otherwise be idle.