Shortis - Connors

The applicants are proposing to create an unpaved path and stairs to use their easement to School House Pond.

 The bottom of the proposed stairs on a seasonal beach. 

The bottom of the proposed stairs on a seasonal beach. 

The NHESP has requested a Plant Survey for rare and endangered plant species.  Their letter can be found here.

The NHESP reviewer did raise concerns over the label 'Private Beach' as this could allude to future development.  The name is quite a misnomer that appeared on the subdivision plan (shown below).  The topography only allows for a slight beach when the water table is low and the applicant has no intention of expanding the proposal to include the creation of a private beach.  The goal here is the creation of access to the water and shore.  If the applicant is so inclined to use a beach, they can walk to either of the well established beaches located on the east and west ends of the pond.  Further, this area is on the south side of the pond.  The slope and vegetation result in a very shady area which is not opportune for a beach.

After a plant survey and several discussions with the NHESP, we have reached a revised proposal that will allow for the construction of the stairs and path in such a way that it will not constitute a 'Take' of rare and endangered species.  Tread carefully out there.  NHESP APPROVAL LETTER

A portion of Plan Book 180, Page 71 that depicts the Footpath and Private Beach.