We have a survey draftsperson working on the creation of site plans for every property in Chatham utilizing survey data and aerial mapping.  Contact ESE if you want a map of an area not already completed.

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1. How accurate are these plans?  We have found that the aerial topographical data available is excellent.  It meets or exceeds the National Map Accuracy Standards and we find that most of time it is extremely useful for planning and preliminary design.

2. Can I submit these for permitting?  You will note that the Aerial Topographical Maps are not stamped by a Professional Land Surveyor.  They were prepared by or under the direction of a Professional Land Surveyor and can be updated to be suitable for filing with the various boards, commissions and departments.

3. What about site changes since the year 2000?  The underlying data is constantly being updated to include more recent locations of buildings and property improvements.  The base planimetric information is from an aerial mapping project conducted in 2000.  If you would like a site updated, please contact Eldredge Surveying & Engineering, LLC for a proposal.

4. How close are the utility locations?  The utility locations are based on the best available evidence.  The use of one of these maps does not waive the requirements of contacting DigSafe before breaking the surface of the ground.

5. What value do these plans have?  These plans are intended for a review of the property, planning and preliminary design.  If a building is close to a boundary, it can alert a property owner or future property owner that there is a concern warranting a survey.  These plans will help a property owner identify if the property is affected by a wetland, resource area or flood plain.

6. Are there samples?  Yes.  Take a look at any of the 0 Oyster Pond Furlong plans.  They are free to download as they depict properties that will not be developed.

7. Pricing.

The plans that are roughly compiled and are in draft form are $250.  The data is good, but the presentation is lacking.

Final plans for properties without wetlands are $750.

Final plans for properties with wetlands are $1000.

Some plans are free. 

More questions?  thadd@ese-llc.com