14096-Parcel D

Parcel D is a Land Courted property located in the far reaches of the owners unknown land east of Echo Woods Road.  Below that is the Petitioner's Plan that includes bearings to help determine the location of the parcel.  Below that is a link to Certificate 2996 that describes the registration, does not eliminate the rights of others over the Way over Parcel D and certifies that Parcel D has the right to the way to access the Town Road.

Blossom Circle


Blossom Circle is a 5-lot cluster subdivision located in Harwich, Massachusetts. It is part of a larger master plan for development in the area.

At this point in time, the site has been prepared for development. The lots are within estimated habitat for rare and endangered species and the requisite permits have been obtained. The turtle barrier (silt fence) has been installed and the requisite turtle sweeps have been performed. At end of the year, the annual permits will need to be renewed. Just before April, the fence will need to be inspected to ensure emerging turtles do not enter the enclosure.

The subdivision plan has been approved and the endorsement of the plan is forthcoming.

Clearing, grading, utility installation and paving can occur over the winter and spring.

4 test holes have been performed on each lot and a schematic location of a site plan for each property has been prepared.

Please note that Lot 3 includes a shared driveway over Lots 2 and 4. Lot 3 also includes a parking area that is reserved for snow removal in the winter.

Final Subdivision Plan
Turtle Barrier Plan