ESE-LLC is pleased to offer the following support files to the WSP-PB Team.

Christian San Martin led a fun filled afternoon of lasers and laughter.

Point Cloud Tools

Applied Imagery Quick Terrain Reader and Modeler - This is by far the best viewer I have seen.  It is quick and easy with a very robust visualization.  The Modeler has some great features including video output, surfacing, image draping, and a plethora of analysis tools.

FugroViewer - This is a free viewer that allows one to create a surface, contour it, but not export the information anywhere.  You can create some lines and points that can be exported to SHP or CSV.

Cloud Compare - The controls for this software are goofy.  I like that it will translate a cloud out in a Big coordinate system down to a 0,0 based system and keep a translation file to send it back to the big leagues when you are done.

QGIS is an open source GIS platform that includes LasTools and Fusion.  LasTools includes some free utilities to convert formats and manipulate point clouds.  Fusion is a program for the forestry service that is primarily used for the study of the forests, but there are other uses as well.