By its very nature, this page will be constantly under construction.  We hope to get this up to speed shortly and have every project here for review.

Jerome Street, Berkley, MA - Boundary Case

51 Old Queen Anne Road, Chatham, MA - Proposed pool and catwalk

Cape Associates - 782-784 Main Street Redevelopment




Johnson 96 Old Wharf Road, Chatham, MA




23 Linnell Lane, Chatham, MA - Approved regrading and drainage for flood protection.

154 Champlain Road, Chatham, MA - Approved septic upgrade.

58 Holway Street, Chatham, MA - Approved by ZBA, Conservation on 3-28-18

41 Mill Pond Lane, Chatham, MA - Approved by Conservation, Filed with ZBA

Pending Projects

111 Stony Hill Road, Chatham, MA - Approved by HBDC & ZBA.

303 Old Queen Anne Road, West Chatham, MA - Approved & Under Construction

0 Long Road, Harwich

6 Gardner's Path, Chatham, MA

Stage Neck View Analysis

Uncle Albert's View Analysis

94 Juniper Lane, South Chatham, MA

96 Winterhoff Trail, Brewster, MA

106 Grey Neck Road, Harwich, MA

Chatham Tides, Pleasant Street, South Chatham, MA  Chatham Tides

Veteran's Field, Chatham MA

554 Route 28, Harwich, MA

Rosenthall - 7 Old Harbor Lane, Chatham, MA

McMaster 82 Uncle Albert's Drive, Chatham, MA

Chatham Tides, 51 Perkins Drive, Chatham, MA

Sullivan Oyster Bay Lane, Chatham, MA (waiting for Architectural Design)

Shortis Parcel Beach Indian Hill Road North (requires ZBA)

Botein 100-102 Cedar Street, Chatham, MA

124 Miles Street, Harwichport, MA

Harris, 211 Country Side Drive, Chatham, MA

Chatham Works, Orleans Road, Chatham, MA

Ross Farber - Chatharbor Lane, Chatham, MA (withdrawn)

ESE - Solar Panels

Ozzi Dog Park





20 Indian Hill Road North, West Chatham, MA

 Coastal Bank Erosion Analysis, Cranberry Lane, North Chatham.  Click the picture for more.

Coastal Bank Erosion Analysis, Cranberry Lane, North Chatham.  Click the picture for more.